Equipment Leasing

Do you need a new piece of equipment for your business but don’t have the cash on hand to pay for it? Equipment leasing through Exponential is the solution! We can help you get any type of equipment that is essential for your business for a low monthly lease payment that you can afford. You can even choose from several different term lengths – we work with your needs to find a financial solution that works for you.

When a business chooses to finance or lease equipment, the cost of the equipment is spread over a multiple-year term keeping more working capital liquid to fund investments such as additional payroll or facility expansion. The business has the (profit-generating) equipment when it is needed, rather than waiting until cash is on hand.

The flexibility of equipment leasing is a key benefit that can enable customized solutions for a business’s accounting, tax, or cash flow needs. The tax benefits of equipment leasing can be extremely important to a business’s cash flow. Depending on the type of lease you choose, you may create tax advantages for your company.

We’re proud to offer the following equipment leasing options to clients in Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, and Charlotte:

  • Application only up to $100,000
  • Full financial disclosure up to $500,000

What are the requirements for equipment leasing through Exponential?

Typically, you must be in business for at least two years before your business can qualify for our equipment leasing program The minimum credit score we typically accept for our equipment leasing program is 620

Common Industries We Fund

Medical and Dental Computers and Office Hotel / Motel
Tow Trucks Auto Repair Construction
Machine Tools Waste Management Restaurant
Agricultural Landscaping Industrial